Is Ethiopia’s Sovereign Debt Sustainable?

Determining the sustainability of a developing country’s public debt is a challenge. This is because most develop[...]

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The Next Shirt You Buy May Say ‘Made In Ethiopia.’ Here’s Why

As labor costs in the "world's factory" continue to rise dramatically, global fashion brands are looking elsewhere [...]

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EU increases humanitarian funding for refugees

The European Commission is providing an additional €5 million to respond to the needs of the growing number of re[...]

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Dam Rising in Ethiopia Stirs Hope and Tension

“It’s hope, Ms. Wossene said. “When I see the dam on TV, I say: ‘Ah, very soon. We’re getting there!’ T[...]

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Has Ethiopia Undertaken the Necessary Preparation to Send Health Workers to Ebola Affected West African Countries?

Has Ethiopia Undertaken the Necessary Preparation to Send Health Workers to Ebola Affected West African Countries?

In the event the Ethiopia healthcare workers contract Ebola in West Africa, as is very likely the case, does Ethiopia have the capacity to isolate and quarantine infected individuals, transport them back to Ethiopia on a timely fashion and provide them with proper medical care to help them recuperate fully from the infection? What kind of training and equipment are these healthcare workers provided with before they depart to help them accomplish their assigned mission to West Africa?

Ethiopia, 30 years after the famine

Three decades after images that shocked the world, country has become darling of the global development community – and the scourge of the human rights lobby

With an Einsteinian shock of hair and a wise man’s beard, Mulugeta Tesfakiros, just off a flight from Washington, settled into an office of glass walls and vibrant artworks in Addis Ababa. The millionaire magnate, who has gone into the local wine business with Bob Geldof, mused on the new Ethiopia: “Most of the people need first security, second food … and democracy after that.”

Ethiopia: The famine report that shocked the world -BBC

It is 30 years since Ethiopia was in the grip of one of the worst famines to ever hit the country.
Shocking pictures filmed by a BBC News team sparked a global effort to raise funds to help.
Former minister Dawit Giorgis was in charge of relief work for Ethiopia’s government. He spoke to Witness about his memories of the time.

Rights group says African, Asian workers abused in UAE

DUBAI – Many Asian and African women working as domestic workers in the United Arab Emirates have reported being overworked, beaten or sexually abused by their employers but are often trapped in slave-like conditions because they’re excluded from the country’s labor law protections, a rights group said Thursday.

Alzheimer’s in a petri dish could revolutionize research

Researchers have succeeded in growing neurons in a lab that replicate the course of Alzheimer’s disease. Rudolph Tanzi, Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Child

Neurology and Mental Retardation at Massachusetts General Hospital, led the research

Ebola’s public health remedy

Ebola could be best managed by improving West Africa’s public health infrastructure. Michael VanRooyen, professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, is quoted.

Ebola has hit West Africa hard. As of this writing, the CDC reports that the virus has infected more than 8,000 people and claimed the lives of more than 4,000 in the West African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria since April. With a case fatality rate higher than 50 percent, governments have been scrambling to contain the pathogen.

Exercising strict oversight over the executive–Reporter

The current Ethiopian year of 2007 (2014/2015) is the closing year of the Ethiopian government’s 5-year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).

It is also the year the draft of the second round of the GTP is set to be deliberated upon and implemented after a critical assessment of the implementation of the plan over the period of its execution. This process needs to involve an in-depth evaluation of the performance of the executive over the past five years by members of the current House of Peoples’ Representatives if the country’s overarching plan for the next five years is to be accomplished successfully

Texas nurse tests positive for Ebola, would be 1st Ebola transmission in U.S.-CNN

(CNN) — A female nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has tested positive for Ebola after a preliminary test, officials said.

Confirmatory testing will be conducted Sunday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Test results are expected to be announced later in the day. The patient is a female nurse, an official who is familiar with this case told CNN

Why conservatives blame Obama for Ebola

(CNN) — If our children’s children should die from Ebola here in the United States, President Obama would be to blame.

That is a sentiment I found in numerous comments on Ebola articles that I came across on the Internet. After a while I stopped reading, convinced that if President Obama found a cure for cancer, these would be the people who would blame him for putting doctors out of work.

How the world sees Obama

Beleaguered at home, U.S. President Barack Obama remains beloved in many nations abroad. And he is far more popular than his predecessor George W. Bush. But the bloom is definitely off the Obama rose.

Obama’s election in 2008 was widely approved of around the world, and there were high expectations for the incoming American leader, whose election seemed to promise an end to the anti-Americanism that had plagued Washington’s relations with the rest of the world for the past several years.

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