Chinese company to build tallest building in E. Africa

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has signed an agreement with the China State Construction Engineering Corpora[...]

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Ethiopia drafting new law to stiffen punishments for human trafficking

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopia is drafting a new law to stiffen punishments for human trafficking in an at[...]

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Our Tragedy Must Unite Us—(Professor Tecola W Hagos)

Our Tragedy Must Unite Us—(Professor Tecola W Hagos)

My heart-felt condolences to all the innocent victims of brutality and savagery foremost in Libya and in South Afri[...]

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Police violence on protesters in Addis Ababa (Reuters)

ADDIS ABABA - Demonstrators hurled stones and police fired teargas as emotions ran high at a mass rally in Ethiopia[...]

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I challenge emphatically the notions of inevitability, fatefulness and defeatist state of mind that accept our existential reality as the one and only single incident that is invariant and permanent. Nothing is invariant, for the future is determined by the individual moment by moment without the confine or dictate of the past. Neither the past nor the future is real, what is eternal is the present

Eritrean diplomat seeks asylum in Ethiopia: state media

An Eritrean diplomat from the Red Sea state’s mission to the African Union is seeking asylum in Ethiopia, state-run media said, citing rights abuses at home.

Mohammed Idris, a member of the ruling People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), had served with Eritrea’s diplomatic mission in Addis Ababa for the past five years, the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) said in a report.


My identification of Ethiopians as the “greatest” people that ever walked the face of the Earth is not simply a matter of hyperbole and empty rhetoric. In the aftermath of that horrendous crime committed against Ethiopians by IS in the name of Islam in Libya, there was not a single report of any retaliatory violence against Muslims in Ethiopia or by Diaspora Ethiopians in the rest of the World. In a country that one finds brutal and savage Government, how can we explain such civilized behavior by ordinary Ethiopians? To answer this question one must traverse long distances to far ancient times.



Editor’s Note: It is most gratifying to read the exchange of profound ideas (discourse) by the most distinguished Ethiopianist Professor Liben Gebre Ethiopia (known to the rest of the World as Professor Donald Levine of Chicago University) and Professor Tecola W Hagos, an Ethiopian patriot, on extremely important and sensitive subject of the origin and evolution of the Ethiopian State over thousands of years ago, as the only unconquered Nation/State in the world, except for a fleeting stint by Italy 1936-41 where the Italians barely occupied the main roads leading to the Capital City, but the rest of Ethiopia remaining still free in the hands of the hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Patriotic fighters. This discourse covers also several issues of the reading of history and the understanding of Ethiopian social norms and life. What is remarkable and a great lesson to all is the respectful and polite exchange of ideas by two individuals whose common love

In honoring Liben for his dedication and insightful books and academic articles on Ethiopia and its people, we made available here one of the most intriguing discourses Liben had with Ethiopian scholars. This is a Celebration of the life of Liben, a true “Son” of Ethiopia. Tragically, the great Ethiopianist Liben Gebre Ethiopia passed away two weeks ago on April 4, 2015. We will continue to Celebrate the life of Liben year-round by posting essays and articles about Ethiopia’s distinguished “Son” Liben Gebre for Ethiopia had created a bond stronger than steel-wires.

Minister Redwan Hussien blames the opposition Semayawi Party

Government communications minister Redwan Hussien blames the opposition Semayawi Party for the public protest seen on Wednesday April 22, 2015 in Addis Ababa. The public protest, which erupted out of the government-controlled rally, blames ISIS killings of Ethiopian Christians in Libya on the ruling party for the high unemployment and stifling political repression.

Police in Addis Ababa forcibly dispersed thousands of protesters

Police in Addis Ababa forcibly dispersed thousands of protesters who came out to the streets to protest the Killing of Ethiopians by ISIS in Libya.

Lelisa Desisa wins Boston Marathon for second time-(Boston Globe)

Lelisa Desisa wins Boston Marathon for second time-(Boston Globe)

Boston Marathon men’s victory in three years, outkicking countryman Yemane Tsegay Monday to win by 31 seconds in a time of 2 hours, 9 minutes, and 17 seconds on a breezy and overcast day.

South Africa’s “Rainbow Nation” turns dark as immigrant attacks rise

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – When he heard angry screams and the hammering of hatchets on the door of his shack last week, Malawian Folias Sakai thought he was about to become the eighth person to be killed in anti-immigrant attacks that have swept South Africa this month.

U.S. outraged over IS atrocity against Christians in Libya

Tripoli (AFP) – The United States condemned the “brutal mass murder” of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya following a video released by Islamic State militants purportedly showing their execution.

The 29-minute IS video appears to show militants holding two groups of captives, described in text captions as “followers of the cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church”.

Xenophobia spreads to Johannesburg BBC

Foreign-owned shops in South Africa have been attacked and looted overnight in eastern Johannesburg, the latest in a series of xenophobic attacks.
Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the looters, while about 200 foreign nationals reportedly took refuge at a police station.
The attack came hours after thousands took part in a rally against xenophobia in the coastal city of Durban.
Anti-foreigner violence in recent weeks has killed at least five people.

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