The Poison within a Video, “U.S Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State” By Tecola Hagos

We must not lose sight of the big picture even when we are focusing on the many wrongs the current Ethiopian Govern[...]

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New Ethiopianity By Teodros Kiros

I am proud of Ethiopia’s place in the history of the human species. I am reminded of ancient Egypt’s 4500 years[...]

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World Bank: Address Ethiopia Findings

Response to Inquiry Dismissive of Abuses (Washington, DC) – The World Bank should fully address serious human [...]

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Princess Mary makes humanitarian visit to Ethiopia

Princess Mary makes humanitarian visit to Ethiopia

Afambo, Ethiopia - Crown Princess Mary of Denmark was "shaken up" after confronting the harsh reality of female gen[...]

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A Constitution for a Multinational Democratic State-Nation: (The Case of Ethiopia – Dr. Negaso Gidada )


Eritrean children migrating to Europe alone–BBC

Children as young as seven are leaving their homes in Africa to travel thousands of miles alone, across land and sea, to Europe.
More lone children than ever before are attempting the route, some sent by their parents who do not want them to grow up in repressive countries.

Scripps Florida Scientists Announce Anti-HIV Agent So Powerful It Can Work in a Vaccine

JUPITER, FL – February 18, 2015 – In a remarkable new advance against the virus that causes AIDS, scientists from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have announced the creation of a novel drug candidate that is so potent and universally effective, it might work as part of an unconventional vaccine.

The research, which involved scientists from more than a dozen research institutions, was published February 18 online ahead of print by the prestigious journal Nature.

Congratulations Professor Tecola Hagos

Congratulations Professor Tecola Hagos


Insight – Ethiopia bets on grand projects in drive for industrial power–Reuters

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Chinese workers mingle with Ethiopians putting the finishing touches to a metro line that cuts through Addis Ababa, one of a series of grand state infrastructure projects that Ethiopia hopes will help it mimic Asia’s industrial rise.

Disturbing Freedom House report: As USA weakens, repression expands

UNITED NATIONS — there’s been a disturbing decline in global freedoms over the past year with a clear erosion of political rights for the ninth consecutive year.

These are among the dire findings of the Freedom House report which rates rights and freedoms in 195 countries around the world. The report underscores that, after the higher water-mark of liberties a decade ago, world events have taken a turn for the worse with a corresponding crackdown on rights and freedoms.

ይኸውና! ኤርትራ ሞተች። ትግል ለሀገር ትንሳኤ!!–ተስፋጽዮን መድሃኔ (ፕሮፈሰር)

የዚሁ ጽሑፍ ዓቢይ ርEስን “ይኸውና!!” በሚል ቃል የጀመርኩት ያለ ምክንያት Aይደለም።
ላለፉት በርካታ ዓመታት – ለሩብ ክፍለ ዘመን ያህል ማለት ነው – የIሳያስ Aፍወርቂ ቡድን Aካሄድ ኤርትራን ሊ ያ ጠ ፋ የ ሚ ች ል መሆኑን በተደጋጋሚ ስገልጽላችሁ መቆየቴ የሚታወስ ነው። የIሳያስ Aፍወርቂ መንግስት በሚያራምደው ጸረ ሀገራዊ
ፓሊሲ ምክንያት፡ ኤርትራ ወደ መፈረካከስ Eን ዳ ታ መ ራ ፣ ችግሩ በዚሁ መልክ ከቀጠለ ደግሞ ኤርትራን Eንደ ሀገር ህልውናዋን የሚያከተም ሁኔታ ሊፈጠር Eንደሚችልም የነበረኝን ጥልቅ ስጋት ሳሰማ ነበር።

500 refugees flee South Kordofan per week: UNHCR

UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said over 500 Sudanese arrive every week into refugee camps in South Sudan since last December fleeing the armed conflict in South Kordofan state.

More than 227,500 Sudanese refugees are in Unity and Upper Nile states in South Sudan and about 35,000 refugees, mainly from Blue Nile, are in the Assosa region of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia launches mobile money schemes to extend banking reach –Reuters

ADDIS ABABA, (Reuters) – Ethiopian banks and microfinance firms are launching mobile money services, helping reach swathes of the population that now have little access to branches or services, the mobile technology providers and banks said.

The launch of the services, which allow customers to make payments or receive money via a mobile that is linked to a bank account, mirrors technology used in other African nations that has drawn millions of people into the financial system.

Darfur fighting displaces 16,000 people in one week

(KHARTOUM) – Over 16,000 internally displaced persons arrived into different camps in western Sudan’s region of Darfur last week , said UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric, on Monday.

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