World Bank Urges Ethiopia to Devalue Birr to Boost Exports

Ethiopia’s birr is overvalued and the country would benefit from a devaluation to boost export revenue and accele[...]

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Ethiopia charges journalists with ‘terrorism’ (AFP)

The seven members of the blogging collective Zone Nine and three journalists were arrested in April, prompt[...]

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Egypt, Ethiopia agree on ‘new chapter’ in ties

CAIRO - Addis Ababa has pledged to Egypt that Ethiopia’s construction of a controversial dam, which has strained [...]

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Egyptian anchorwoman suspended after live row with Ethiopia envoy

Rania Badawy of the private satellite station Tahrir hung up on Ethiopia's ambassador to Cairo during a live call-i[...]

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DO NOT DEVALUE THE BIRR: Ignore the World Bank

The recent poisoned advice from the World Bank to devalue the Birr by another 10% is a sure process of killing the Ethiopian economy for good. What they are attempting is to get at China through such pariah-nibbling at small economies around the world where China has gained well-earned influence and often mutually beneficial partnerships with numerous developing countries.
“Lars Moller, the bank’s chief economist in Ethiopia, told reporters today in the capital, Addis Ababa,” about the 10% devaluation so reported William Davison in his short article “World Bank Urges Ethiopia to Devalue Birr to Boost Exports,” Bloomberg, Jul 22, 2014.

Bill Gates’ speech at Addis Ababa University

Ethiopia has helped set the standard – most notably with its groundbreaking Health Extension Program. The federal government recognized that if it was going to make good on the Millennium Development Goals, it was going to have to expand access to primary health care across this large, predominantly rural country.

Sample International Extradition Treaty –By Tecola W. Hagos

I have attached for your information how a properly drawn extradition treaty would read/look like. Extradition treaty between two countries or of the multilateral kind is a formal source of international law. As to its form depending on the status of the parties to an extradition treaty, it is subject to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969 which was entered into force in 1980.

Dr. Joep Lange leading AIDS experts lost in Ukraine crash (Reuters)

MELBOURNE/AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The world of AIDS research was in shock on Friday after dozens of leading HIV experts were feared killed when a Malaysian plane was shot down over Ukraine, fuelling concerns that research on curing the disease could suffer.

Among them was Joep Lange, who researched the condition for more than 30 years and was considered a giant in the field, admired for his tireless advocacy for access to affordable AIDS drugs for HIV positive patients living in poor countries.


I often wonder how wonderful it would be to write on a piece of paper some statement of promise to pay at some later date and get the goods and services one wants from vendors and stores. This is not the same as using credit cards or bank issued checks. It is highly unlikely that any vendor or store owner would allow me to get goods and services on the basis of passing a simple statement on paper as my payment arrangement. I might even get arrested for trying or asking for such ludicrous business transactions. I might even be considered as someone mentally challenged and even worse as an economic terrorist, especially so at a time if one farts loud is a terrorist treat.

U.N. agrees to launch human rights inquiry into Eritrea

GENEVA (Reuters) – The U.N. Human Rights Council agreed on Friday to set up a year-long inquiry into human rights in Eritrea, similar to previous high-level investigations into Syria, North Korea and Sri Lanka.

It condemned what it said were “widespread and systematic” violations by Eritrea’s government, from arbitrary executions to restrictions on religion, detention of journalists and a shoot-to-kill policy for citizens trying to cross the border.

Why a large Dam on Abay? By Biadeg Tesfaye

The lack of vision, courage and effective leadership coupled with an ill-conceived international conspiracy and external threats and blackmails, by its traditional adversaries, Ethiopia was not able to build the Abay Dam, which could have served as a great foundation and backbone for its development and to break its vicious cycle of poverty. Abay would have provided it with sustainable and reliable energy source, which is critical for its economic growth and industrialization.
That is why this article is in response to Dr Getachew Begashaw’s commentary on Ethiomedia.

Ethiopia bearing the brunt of South Sudanese influx

Ethiopia is home to over half a million refugees and is also facing a daily influx of refugees from South Sudan. Over 200,000 refugees are from Somalia.
South-Sudan-children–300x176The number of refugee camps in Ethiopia has increased from 8 to 22 in past years. Since December 2013 when the conflict in South Sudan began over 147,000 refugees have fled to Ethiopia. They now live in country’s Gambella Region. The increase in the number of refugees means a strain on Ethiopia’s resources. This is the second time that Ethiopia is hosting refugees from south Sudan.

Sudan asks Egypt to rejoin Nile Basin body


Khartoum (AFP) – Sudan on Thursday appealed for Egypt to resume full participation in a 10-nation Nile River forum, four years after Cairo withdrew over fears for its access to the crucial water source.

Egypt has limited its participation in the Nile Basin Initiative since 2010 when Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania signed a new treaty on equitable sharing of Nile waters.

Eritrea collecting ‘money for the dictator’ from expats in Canada

The 28-year-old is a permanent resident of Canada, not yet a citizen, and had to renew her Eritrean passport back in February.

“I was like, surprised. I know that paying two per cent stopped in Canada last year. He said, ‘If you need any service from Eritrean government, that’s what you have to do.’ I clearly told him I don’t want to pay that.”

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